Colorful Senior Pictures are the BEST! I am especially fond of anything bright and fun! Life is too short to be dull.

When preparing for your senior pictures, don’t be afraid of vibrant colors.  Your best bet is to learn which shade of colorful you want your senior pictures to lean to.

This has a lot to do with skin tone. Are you cool, warm, or neutral?

Let’s start with “cool”. Cool skin tones have a bluish or rosy undertone. Hair color can range from really dark to light blonde.  The veins on the inside of your wrist look  blue or purple. You get sunburned easily.  You probably naturally find yourself feeling most beautiful in dark purples, emerald greens, and bright or royal blues. Frosty lavender and ice blue tones look amazing on you. You find it hard to wear yellow or orange, and when you do, people ask you if you’re “feeling okay”.

If you’re “warm”,  your skin tone has undertones that are yellowish and golden, or olive, or light brown.  The veins on the inside of your wrist look greenish. Your hair color can range from darker brown to dark blonde. You probably tan easily. If you’re warm, you will feel amazing in red, yellow, honey, orange, deep turquoise and magenta. Jewel tones are not for you, and you always feel drab in icy or “cool” shades. If you wear white, a creamier white looks much better than a stronger “white” white.

What if you fall in the middle? There is such a thing! You might be a neutral. Your eye color is most likely hazel. Ever notice how they change color depending on what color you wear? As far as skin tone, you can’t seem to figure it out.  Super bright colors seem to take you over or wash you out. You are most likely a neutral. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have colorful senior pictures. Peachy or soft, dusty pinks will look great on you! As well as jade green and a calm placid blue. Really saturated colors can take you over except for ONE. Bright, true RED. Not an orange red, and not a violet red, but true red. This is one of my favorite colors for senior pictures, and don’t even get me started on the whole red lipstick thing. BIG FAN!  And if you still want to kick it up a notch to make your senior pictures even more colorful, you can still use colors from another “family”…here’s how!

If you’re crazy about a color, but it doesn’t look great on you, you might consider it an accent color with your belt or shoes. You could also wear a skirt, pants, or tights that color. Since it’s not against your face, it’s not in competition with your skin tone.

Mary chose some really great colors for her senior pictures! Her solid orange and blue dresses were perfect choices and really complimented the locations we went to. We made sure she popped out of the background when she wore softer colors, so everything still looked vibrant and fun. At the end of her session, we found a hill of beautiful pink and purple sweet peas that were perfect. Matched up with a dress of every shade of purple and butterfly sleeves, she fit right in with those flowers as if she were one of them!

Now that you know which colors look best on you, it’s time to decide what you will wear for your senior pictures. It’s not as hard as you might think. We have some great tips for you right here!

We think Mary is one of the brightest crayons in the box! (And one of the most fun!)

If you want colorful senior pictures, drop us a note from our contact page, and get ready to have FUN!

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