Lifestyle family photography

For those who think

Freckles, dimples, dirty feet, and belly laughs are much more fun to celebrate

than matching outfits and perfectly posed heads!

Documenting all the stuff that families are made of, promising not to ask you to dress up your newborn

as a ballerina or fireman, or make your kids stop playing and say cheese for the nice lady.

Our approach is to tell the story of your family and how you love.the beautiful way you knit your chaos together.

what really matters.

It's that simple.

We value connections, interaction, and real life.We want you to look back at these photos and remember life as it is today.

And today will never happen again.

We can capture your big ole' (or sweet little) happy family having fun together at the beach,

the park, the backyard, or the living room.

We believe photographs should be seen and enjoyed

in albums and living on the walls in your home,

not in a USB in your desk drawer or your phone,

so we include a credit to use for print purchases, along with copies of your thirty favorite images with each session.

Starting at $400

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celebrating your family

"And time travels fast.

Before Ma knew it, we were all grown up. Us girls put our dolls away, and john stopped wearing his holster and cowboy boots everyday. Pete went off to college."

-Laura Trumbo

Trumbo photography blog