An intimate Irish Hills Wedding with Scott and Sarah. Featuring a handsewn wedding dress, a Slim Whitman-like suit, cocktails in a chicken coop, and a last dance like no other.

It was a rainy day in Irish Hills. Sarah was prepared with an army of umbrellas. A little rain couldn't have hindered the laughter or this  joyous celebration, anyways. We were wildly honored to be a part of this day where the real things mattered. Just an easy going ceremony in the front yard, some cake and cocktails, a lot of love, and a bit of rain.

The intimate celebration was held with a handfull of close friends and family at Friedrich Farms Bed and Breakfast. The proprietors of this old farm, Ken and Lisa were happy to help out with any request. These two are the real deal when it comes to hosting!

The day began with the girls helping one another prepare for the day. An easy task, as Sarah and her maid of honor, Natasha own Craft Salon in Royal Oak and are quite frankly some of the best hairstylists in Michigan. The girls all looked so fabulous. The hair, the makeup, the black lace dresses...

And while we're on the subject of dresses, Sarah made hers. By hand. She worked on it right up to the morning of the wedding perfecting every little bit. The most beautiful lace with scalloped edges with the just right sprinkling of tiny pearls here and there. It was marvelous!

Meanwhile, Scott hung out in the kitchen and around the yard with his friends. The guys always have it so easy. He slid into a killer suit that looked like it was pulled straight outta Slim Whitman's closet and was ready to roll.

The rain held off for the ceremony, which was held in the front yard. The farm house made for such a lovely backdrop for this little celebration. I don't know if we have ever documented a wedding ceremony with this much laughter. It's as if their happiness consumed every person present. It's always such a delight to photograph a wedding that is happy and relaxed and more about love and emotion than rituals.

As the rain started, craft cocktails were enjoyed by the colorful guests in the chicken coop. The bartenders were slinging signature cocktails called The Moose and The Darby, named after Scott and Sarah's sassy Pomeranians. 

The couple had a few dances in the barn, and then realized the cake was still in the house. Uncut. They ran in the rain back to the house to give it a cut and share. Our first time photographing soaking wet cake cutters.

Our favorite photo of the day, and there were SO many favorites, was our last click of the shutter. At the end of the night, Scott and Sarah snuck off alone to the barn together.  We were thinking we were finished for the night, and as we were heading out, we saw them in such a sweet and almost overwhelmingly emotional moment. It was such an important time for them together, that we couldn't interrupt. We shot from afar, and then through a hole in the barnwood. Sometimes a photo is dark, or not quite tack sharp, or not quite perfect as far as a photographer's standards go. Sometimes that photo can be perfect because it shows perfect love.

Wishing Scott and Sarah many years of sneaking away to dance alone. I see them in 50 years just like this in their kitchen together.

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