Heaven forbid, if your house were burning, what possession would you grab on your way out? What is the most important thing you own?

The answer is easy for me. Family pictures. This one is old, but I love it! David's hair is so long and dark and lush. Lauren and Allie were starting their teen years and trying to figure it all out. Hannah had fallen off of her bike and got some pretty bad gashes on her leg and foot. We were up north spending time with Grandma, who smeared her up with Neosporin and bandages and had her lay on the couch with a clean, white sheet over it. Hannah milked every bit of attention she could get from my Mom with those wounds! (She even faked a limp, there was ice cream to be had with this!) We thought about having her sit in a different pose, but I like that the bandages show, it brings back memories.

family of five blonde girls in white sundresses dad behind them on sandy beach

The photograph of my Mother on the back porch, surrounded by my brothers and sisters, two of us weren't even born yet.  I love this photograph because I love looking into my Mom's eyes, trying to imagine what she was like back then. Very young, no money, and kids everywhere. I'm sure she probably felt like the rest of us do when someone takes a photo of us. "My hair looks horrible." "I wish I had a better dress to wear." "Why did I wear these socks today?" Or maybe she was just too busy to even start thinking that way. Truth is, I love her hair, I love her lipstick, I love the socks she is wearing.

mother surrounded by six of her children sittling on back porch circa 1957

Christmas day long ago with some of my brothers and sisters. Bonnie and Dee were probably in the kitchen doing dishes. Pete had me on his lap. Being the youngest, they all had to help take care of me. They were all so good to me and spoiled me so much that I had no idea we were poor. I mean, look at all the toys on my lap! And bread with gravy on it was my favorite dinner, who cares if it was all there was! 

circa 1979 Christmas day kids in front of Christmas tree holding their new dolls

This is were I come from. This is where I belong. Last in pecking order, but important, and loved.

Even though these photos are some of my most valued possessions, I wish my Mom had the opportunity to have a professional family portrait taken. One where we are all there. There were probably plenty of excuses back then, I'm sure time was on top of the list.

And time travels fast. Before she knew it, we were all grown and gone. Us girls put our dolls away, and John stopped wearing his holster and cowboy boots every day, Pete went off to college...

Seems life is like a race against time. Especially for Mom's. It's never the "perfect time".  Too busy, my hair needs to be done, as soon as I drop this 10 pounds, I have nothing to wear.

Time is running out. Today is not going to happen again. Your kids will never be this age again (and neither will you!).

Maybe you're worried about your children acting less than "perfect". During our family sessions, we expect the kids to act like kids, act like themselves.  Sometimes our favorite photos from family sessions are the "imperfect" ones. The ones where the love lives. Perfect love is much more important than perfect poses or perfectly matched outfits.

Your children would benefit greatly from seeing pictures of themselves on your walls. It builds esteem and tells them they are a part of something big. The photo says that they don't have to be an adorable, fresh new pudgy baby to be worthy of gracing the walls in the home they live in. So the truth is, your kids don't care about that extra 10 pounds, and they think your hair is great, because it's yours.  What they will see is the person who loves them no matter what. That's what kids think is beautiful.

I hope you take time out this year for a family photo session. I promise to make it simple and easy. Just you and your family hanging out together. In the kitchen, the park, the beach, or the backyard. Doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're together.

Here are the Green Family at their easy morning just hanging out at the lake session.

It's time for your perfect family portraits. Contact us for more information, or to schedule your family lifestyle session.

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