you are not for everybody.

we aren't either.

If you are looking for photographers just so that you can check something off in your wedding planner, we are not your people.

If you don't check off half the things in your wedding planner because you see them as unnecessary, we are probably your people.

If you are looking for photographers who interrupt and pose your every move all day long, we are not your people.

If you are looking for photographers who will make you feel comfortable, and guide you along the way during picture time, we are probably your people.

If you are into perfection over real life and having fun, we are not your people.

If you embrace being perfectly imperfect, we are probably your people.

If you are looking for traditional wedding photographers, and cookie cutter photographs, we are probably not your people.

If you are looking for something a little more unconventional, candid, fun, artful and true, we are probably your people.

True love over tired traditions.

Dani and Luke chose to be married at the dining room table.


Society and Pinterest may has too many of us focusing on an unattainable ideal - "perfect".

Every wedding we photograph is different, and no wedding is perfect.

We don't want our chase for "the" perfect photo to cause us to miss spontaneous and fleeting moments. Because those are the photos that you'll find yourself loving the most.

We prefer to photograph perfectly imperfect people with big, perfect emotion.

Chelsea and her Dad get ready to take the aisle.

Your photos should be about your wedding.

Your wedding should not

be about your photos.

We promise to keep your "formal" bridals short and sweet. Some alone time together to relax and have some fun. We will guide you along the way, and deliver artful photographs that turn into memories.

A little alone time on your wedding day is important.

faking it vs. real

Do you want a photograph of a memory


a photograph of you faking a memory.

We keep it real, whether it's


or romance.

Elli and Matt enjoying a walk together.

Sam and her Man of Honor having some fun.

Group shots

We wrangle group shots like cowboys, not church ladies.

We keep it FUN.

We keep it quick.

That way you can all get to the good stuff faster, all while

keeping your Mom happy.

Group shots are important, but shouldn't take all day.

your wedding details are

not a shopping catalogue.

While we make sure to get photos of your wedding details, we prefer them to have a heartbeat behind them, rather than spending time on organizing layflats of your earrings hanging from the heel of your shoe.

Grandma's hanky and rings with a heartbeat behind them.

Wedding days can be a blur.

contact us to make sure you remember it.